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ICENS 2017 | 3rd International Conference on Engineering and Natural Sciences (ICENS 2017) | 3-7 May 2017, Budapest, Hungary
Internet of Things And Intelligent Systems in Digital Learning
Oner Mahir, Oner Ceren and Dogan Onur


Current global competition forces educational institutions to cope with the difficulties such as increasing costs and decreasing number of resources. Thus, educational institutions are prone to focus on value creation based activities and naturally, digital learning should be adopted more commonly in institutions, companies especially improving learning activities. Recently, value creation based education could be reached as the form of tracing, controlling, optimizing and autonomy of activities that is named as, Internet of Things in digital learning, the next generation of education. In this study, opportunities and threats of digital learning are explained within the concept of the relationship between big data analytics, smart platforms and teaching assistants, Internet of Things and cloud systems. Additionally, further improvements are outlined with respect to the developments in information systems.

Keywords: Big Data Management, Digital Learning, Internet of Things

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