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GCHSE 14 | Global Conference on Healthcare Systems Engineering and Management | 5-8 Ağustos 2014
A Methodology To Compare Face-To-Face Learning And Distance Learning For Healthcare Tourism Continuing Education Program
Ufuk Cebeci, Onur Dogan, Dafne Vanessa Calderone


Health care tourism is the travel from the country of residence to another country for treatment purpose. There are
42 health hospitals internationally accredited with Joint Commission International Quality Certificate in Turkey. In
this study, a methodology is designed compare face-to-face and distance learning during a health tourism course
with 8 weeks at Istanbul Technical University. The course can be followed by the candidate either formal education
or distance learning. In distance education, there are two alternatives to attend the course: synchronous and
asynchronous. In this respect, model includes both classical and distance learning parameters. Some of questions
asked to participants to analyze the type of learning is below.
- Some demographic features (Gender, age, the graduated school, the graduation year, district/city)
- Job informations (company, position, department)
- The reason for attending the course
- What is the percentage of e-learning and face to face learning?
- The satisfaction level of the course for my expectations
- The level of satisfaction about course coordinator
- When compared e-learning with face to face training, is there any important difference between them?
- The level of your satisfaction from e-learning’s effective design
- The success rate of e-learning
- The expertise of the lecturers
- The satisfaction level about the physical infrastructure of class and the equipment
- At the end of the course, my self-confidence about training topics is increased.
- The course provided my professional development.
- What is your overall assessment for the course you attended?
- In addition to those covered in the lectures, which topics would you recommend to include to the course
- If there weren’t e-learning chance, would you still attend the course?
By using some statistical methods, correlations of the parameters about healthcare learning program are analyzed.
Finally, the results and the findings are explained in our study.

Keywords: Distance and formal learning, health care tourism, correlations of the parameters

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